Savoie Mont Blanc trend

Zero waste and made in France, here is a new way to wear glasses. Stop overconsumption and dare to use vintage frames dating from the 50s to the 90s. Currently, vintage has become a guarantee of quality.

Simon Vuattoux, based in Perrignier and expert in the manufacture of glasses for more than 10 years, knows how to find abandoned and never worn frames to restore them to their former luster and equip them with lenses from the latest technology.

In the "Tame your mount" workshop, around twenty machines are used to carry out dozens of stages in the design of a pair of glasses on noble and high quality materials. Disassembly, cleaning, polishing, checking, creation and size of glasses in the mass, engraving ...

“I made choices in quality and not in quantity. The frames are luxurious and of good quality. I shop around… top secret (!). Obviously the frames are in limited series. It's the law of vintage. "

The lenses are not corrective but “Tame your mount” works with an optician who comes to your home to take the picture and mount the lenses.